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What Exactly Does My Pet  Healing Include and Entail?

First and foremost my goal is to create a balance of homeostasis for your pet and you mind body soul. What I do is a few things I teach you as the owner about the “terrain” this is very important, than exercises regimens and finish with  the releasing of trapped emotions and energy


How it Works

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Meet TK

Hi I’m TK and I love all animals. After a battle with cancer and then a broken leg leaving me in a wheelchair for 366 days all I had was my pets to support me, and I mean that literally. So I decided to start my own pet healing business to give back what they give to us. My Service dog Michi Also is the mascot for my empowerment foundation Superhairoes Inc . Check out what this amazing charity has done for the community.

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Energy clearing is way to release trapped emotions and Trama that’s been stored In The body throughout organs , tissues , and muscles. When these energetic imbalances  are released a state of obtaining homostatis begins shifting. As a certified emotion code practitioner and my 35 years as a pet owner,  dog Walker , and trainer,  I see most  past experiences  stays trapped in our animals , which is part of the “behaviors “ they are projecting, and once this is released using energy frequencies I do with body muscle testing, that Trama will not return !

My Services

Pet Transportation, Dog and Cat walking , Pet sitting in your home , energy clearing sessions for your pets and YOU if requested,  and nutrition coaching teaching You how to address the terrain

Dog Walking

I’m committed to your pets with Arizona being one of the hottest places in summer I am up at 5am every day to take your pets for a walk . I also supply booties for those who Ned mid-day walks as well


Pet Healing

Energy clearing using the emotion code freeing your pets of Trama from past experiences! I also incorporate stem cell activation to assist in dna 🧬 repair for those  pets who have been diagnosed with health issues

$32/session /pet

Pet Sitting

In the confort of your own home I will play stay and help your pets while you work or travel .


Why Tk?

My journey on this planet hasn’t been easy and if I hadn’t had the unconditional support of my therapy dog michi my cat gremlin and my hummingbirds  Jack andJack I’m not sure where id be right now . Michi is my ESA  therapy dog for over 16 years and my best friend, So this is my time and way to give back to the animals with my personal experience of self holistic Healing to transfer this wonderful resource I found to heal  your pets so they can enjoy a longe lasting quality of life as mine have .







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As an animal transporter , and energy healer I  practice safe, non-invasive treatments to deeply connect with your pet’s life-force energy to see what’s really happening within them

As a wholistic Practitioner,  i utilize  the emotion code  as an adjunct to veterinary work to support animals with everything from arthritis, digestive disorders, post-surgical trauma, chemo-reaction and anxiety to delaying disease progress, life transitions and end-of-life issues 

Reiki can offer another way to connect with your pet and can be especially helpful if you have rescued a new pet with past trauma or notice significant changes in your pet’s demeanor, but there are no physical signs of illness.

Pet Owner Reviews

“I met Tk at her wellness salon she comes to our restaurant and gets her dogs vegetables daily one day I said hey my dog had a stroke and I wonder why you feed your dog vegetables .Well after that I learned that everything I was feeding my dog and a few “other things prescribed” were affecting her “terrain and her “behaviors ” Tk is a WEALTH of knowledge and has so much REAL life experience to help YOU understand why your pet is “reacting or projecting these behaviors and how to fix it ” I’m forever grateful for TK our local bionic superhairoe

Ling Tang and Penolope THANK YOU for your energy work and alkaline

“I can’t believe what a godsend TK is just wow, I was a hair client of hers and she has 12 hummingbirds at her salon so I new she was an animal whisperer from day one ! My cat jacks has been so upset Sicne the recent move and after Tk spent a few sessions with him and also recommend a few stem cell patches he is just back to himself ! I’m so greatly appreciate of your healing work ”

Dr Ballio

“Wow just wow I wasn’t a believer in the energy stuff however my horses have been acting completely different the last year I had TK come over to visit she her magic and I’m so grateful for her work . This has been absolutely incredible to see such a change in only 2 sessions THANK YOU TK  .”

DR Landegham

Looking For A Pet Whisperer?

I truly spend most of my time with animals . Even the hummingbirds talk to me . My passion is to one day find land and have a pet sanctuary rehabilitation retreat for YOU and your furry friends. My energy healing work all started after the cancer I had and left me to continue to research and eventually develop  my on  wholistic line of inner wellness compounds holistichaircare and helping YOU and your pet get alkaline

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